It wasn’t fake, at least not from my end: Divya on her relation with Priyank

Divya Agarwal’s romance with her co-contestant Priyank Sharma has been flooding the media with some or the other updates. Whether it is the rumours about their breakup or allegations about their relationship being a sham, Divyank has been in the news for quite a sometime.
The journey of the couple started in a TV reality show Splitsvilla and now when Priyank is in Bigg Boss, the couple is again in the news.
The duo was madly in love with each other but now when Sharma is in the glass walled house, cracks are developing between the love birds. In an exclusive conversation with , Divya exposed everything about her relationship status, Priyank Sharma and many more.
It wasn’t fake at least not from my end
There has been a strong buzz about Priyank and Divya’s relationship being fake and allegations that their relationship was nothing but fake. Clearing the air Divya said, “It wasn’t fake, at least not from my end. If you see Priyank in his final interviews before entering the house he did mention, we were dating. So before he entered the show it was all real. Now I don’t know what the scene is.”
Priyank is a changed person now
“I really can’t judge him right now. He is completely changed. He is changed in terms of relationship, promises, his personal equation with Vikas and everything else. He was never a violent person, he never liked back bitching. Once I spoke about Hritu in Splitsvilla and he shouted on me for that. Because, the promises that Priyank made in personal were different. I don’t know if this is Priyank’s strategy, because if it is, I really think it is a waste one. It is null and won’t work.”
Now I think what Akash said seems legit.
In the whole show, Priyank hasn’t spoken about his current girlfriend Divya for once. However, in one of an episode on Voot, the Delhi lad mentioned about his ex girlfriend who hails from US.
Divya shared, “Honestly, now I think what Akash said seems legit (Akash in an interview with TellyChakkar quoted “Divya had real feelings for him, but Priyank I doubt”). He did tell me about her once that they are still friends but I didn’t expect him to talk about her on the show.
To be honest, I wasn’t expecting him to be talking about me the whole time. Nevertheless, even if he could have mentioned both of our names or maybe his current girlfriends’ name then it would have made sense.”
For me it was always Priyank
Priyank’s proximity with his fellow contestant Benfasha and Hina hasn’t gone down well the Mumbai girl. She further added, “For me it was always Priyank, but for him you can see in the show.
His actions with Benfasha and Hina can make anyone confused. Even I have male friends but there’s a way you behave with them. Frankly there’s no difference if he is dating anyone or single.”
Priyank was selfish
Divya got eliminated from her reality show Splitsvilla. Reminiscing the show Divya continued, “In Splitsvilla if you see Priyank had an option to leave for me but then he didn’t! He was being selfish in the show. I should have realized it then itself.”
I feel like a fool supporting him
“I feel like a fool supporting him each and every time. I even supported him when there were big allegations over Priyank and Vikas’s relationship. I was always trying to clear his stand.
But now after seeing it all, I feel stupid for supporting him for no reason. Even before he was entering the house I was there with him for packing his bags the whole time. In fact I have one of his bags that I have to deliver him.”
We ran out of the villa and met in the bushes and cried
Trying to shut the rumors about her fake relationship with Priyank, Divya shared an emotional backstory that no one knew.
With a lump in her throat she reminisced, “No one knows that when I was eliminated from the villa, at 2’0 clock in the midnight, we ran out of the villa, met in the bushes and cried.
We literally hugged each other and cried. When we were in the villa, we used to stay on the opposite sides of a river. Every night we used to wave each other with a torch.
How can this be fake? It was so real in Splitsvilla but I see a different person now in Bigg Boss. He is detached!”
On a parting note, Divya maintained that she would have a lot to clear once Priyank came out of the house.

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