Is Nimki Mukhiya actress Bhumika Gurung secretly married to Keith? Bhumika reacts

MUMBAI: businessvoip had earlier reported about TV actress Bhumika Gurung being head over heels in love with boyfriend Amit Singh Gosain, who is loving called Keith. (Read here: Bhumika Gurung aka Nimki Mukhiyaa is head-over-heels in love with boyfriend, Keith).

Now, there is a rumour doing the rounds that the actress has secretly gotten married to Amit.

When businessvoip reached out to Bhumika to get clarity, she stated, ‘I have been receiving calls since morning to know if I have gotten hitched. I wonder why all of a sudden, the rumour has started floating in. I am not married, and the day I plan to, I will surely disclose it. This kind of news is very silly and it affects our personal life.’

When asked her if marriage is on the cards anytime soon, she replied, ‘Well, I wish to get married to Keith, but not this year, may be next year.’

Bhumika and Amit have been dating for a while now. Bhumika is currently playing the lead in Star Bharat’s Nimki Mukhiya, while Amit is a known choreographer and has worked with Prabhudeva. He is now focusing on his acting career.

We must say that Bhumika and Amit make a great pair. Here’s wishing them a lifetime of love!

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