I’m a narcissist, I love attention, says Haq Se fame Parul Gulati

Mumbai: ALT Balaji’s recent offering Haq Se has clicked with the masses. The digital series revolves around four sisters and their struggle in an orthodox state. Haq Se, featured big names like Surveen Chawla, Rajeev Khandelwal and Simone Singh. At the same time, it also introduced new faces like Parul Gulati and Pavail Gulati. Out of the many, newbie Parul Gulati impressed everyone courtesy her impeccable execution of her character Jannat. It was not just Jannat but Parul received accolades from everyone. In an exclusive conversation, Parul spoke about what went behind the making of Jannat.

“I have handed over Jannat to everyone. I was the first actors to get signed so I have waited a long for people to see her,” she reminisces. She further talks about the efforts that went behind the making of Jannat. “It was a lot of that. I had to take care of my Urdu. I did not speak in English for some time. Even as Mumbaikars, our Hindi gets corrupted. So, I had to take care of it,” she says.

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She narrates that she bought a pair of shoes for her preparation. “Jannat only wears one pair of shoes. They give her a particular kind of walk. I bought them to give her that difference. I got her a watch and gave it a backstory, like her father must have gifted her this and whenever she missed him, she would see it.” Parul explains while flaunts the watch which has ‘Be Happy’ written in it.

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Ask her what is the difference between Parul and Jannat and without any tinch of hypocrisy, she confesses a lot. “The mindset of Jannat is totally different from Parul. For her, her state is her priority which is completely opposite to mine. I’m totally a narcissist. I love myself, I love attention, I want people to talk about me. We all actors are (laughs). I admit that.” She fuurther continues, “For me to become a selfless Jannat was a nightmare. To be able to portray that was quite difficult.”

Despite featuring amidst a stellar cast like Rajeev and Surveen who have a huge fan following, Gulati, has no insecutries. “It always happens. They will get more attention, because they’ve worked a lot. Their body of work is huge, therefore, people want to see them more than me, I’m a newcomer! I haven’t done much that people know me by my name. So, I knew that this will happen. But I knew once everybody watches the show they’ll know me. Consequently, there was no insecurity. I had lots of confidence in my character.”

On a parting note, Parul also spoke about ALT Balaji’s headhoncho Ekta Kapoor. “She has changed the game, I’m in awe of her,” she concludes.

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The actress who made her digital debut has a long way to go and we would love to see more of her in the coming days.

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