I would like to travel with Ranbir Kapoor: Aishwarya Sen

KOLKATA: Aishwarya Sen, who is currently essaying the lead role of Drishti in Colors Bangla’s serial Shubho Drishti, says that her dream is to visit Mauritius. The pretty actress, who has also worked in soaps like Ichhenodi and Potol Kumar Gaanwala, says her other dream is to go on a vacation with her best friends. In a candid interview with businessvoip, she spoke about her travel stories and dreams. Read on!

Are you a travel junkie?

Yes, I am a major travel junkie.

What do you love the most about traveling?

I love to be with my family, but owing to my shooting schedules, I hardly get any time to spend with them. So, for me, the best part about travelling is that I get to spend a lot of time with my family. I love the sea and I really enjoy having adda with them at any beach.

What is your dream destination?

There are many. Mauritius tops the list, followed by destinations like Switzerland and Bali.

Have you ever traveled alone or do you wish to?

I have never traveled alone. My family is scared of letting me travel on my own. They think I am still a kid. My dream is to travel alone at least once. Or I may go on a vacation with my best friends.

What do you prefer: hills, beaches, or historical places?

Beaches, any day!

How do you like to travel: by road, air, or water?

I want to travel by water once, as I have never done it. I prefer travelling by road more than by air.

What are the three must-haves in your travel kit?

Sunglasses, headphones, and lipstick.

Which is your best vacation to date?

I would say last year’s Vizag trip is the best to date. I was a bit morose when I had to leave Araku Valley after staying there for a few days. It’s such a lovely place. I would like to go back to Araku Valley again.

What according to you is the best season to travel?

I feel it is the time after Durga Puja…end of October or beginning of November…when it’s neither hot nor cold. I love that weather.

Who is your travel buddy?

Until now, it’s my family. In future, if I get permission from my family, I would like to travel with my best friends.

One place you would never like to visit again?

I have loved all the places that I have visited. There is no such place where I felt that I would never go back.

Celebs you want to travel with?

It would be wonderful if I ever get to travel with Ranbir Kapoor. But obviously, that is not going to happen (chuckles). Besides him, I would like to travel with Vicky Kaushal or Ayushmann Khurrana.

Which is one of your fondest travel memories?

I lost my grandfather this year in February. And a year back, we had visited Vizag. It has been my best trip to date, as my grandfather was with us.

Have you ever tried any adventurous activity during a vacation?

I am very scared of adventurous activities. I would never want to indulge in any such activities.

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