I want to be intelligent about the work I choose: Preetika Rao

Talented beauty Preetika Rao, is currently winning hearts as Mohini on Star Plus’ popular daily Love Ka Hai Intezaar, produced by .
Her chemistry with co-star Mohit Sehgal is adored by fans across the globe in such a short span of time. The series that airs in the afternoon slot on the channel is set to go off air soon as the channel has decided to pull the plug on the slot.
The decision has left the fans, actors and the team associated with the show disheartened!
quizzed Preetika to know about her feelings and thoughts on the sudden closure of the show.
Excerpts from the conversation-
How has your short and sweet journey been with Love Ka Hai Intezaar?
I have always believed in short and sweet work instead of dragging television sagas. Personally, I am a big fan of short series and I hope it becomes a trend on Indian television too, like it is in the international diaspora. This will give the actors a scope to portray different roles as well. Bollywood actors make us wait for six months to a year for their movies which lasts for hardly two hours but TV format is such that fans expect actors to be working non-stop for years together. Actors need creative satisfaction too. They need to change projects and co-stars in order to have a diversified acting career.
It was a lot of fun with everyone out here. I will really miss the bonding that we all shared here and it is one of the rare shows that give you a feeling of working on a classy project as an actor. Everything was so perfect that I couldn’t have asked for more. I know I will miss everybody but I think that’s life. Nothing can go on permanently.
Share your experience of playing Mohini?
It was excellent playing Mohini and I am happy that I could bring her out differently from my portrayal of Aaliya. I loved MohAlchemy Filmsini’s introduction in the show. It’s been an amazing experience playing this character.
What are your thoughts about the show being pulled off air abruptly? What went wrong?
Nothing went wrong! All the shows in the afternoon slots were doing really well. We touched the TRP of 0.9 recently from 0.5 in the last 40 days which is a huge achievement for a show slotted in an afternoon band. Unfortunately, due to some internal policies, the channel has decided to take the afternoon slot off and I think it’s just probably a destined call.
Do you think that the time slot could have changed?
I think if the time slot could have changed then it would have been difficult for the channel to be biased to only one show and chuck off the others. So they decided to pull off all the shows together. If they really had an option, I think they could have worked towards it but looks like they don’t.
Any regrets on taking up the project?
No regrets at all because I was not keeping well for almost seven months before the show started. The show has been a boon to me in disguise. I was in contract with the channel since last year.
Fans have signed a petition to save the show. What’s your take on that?
I am extremely touched by their gesture. It’s sad that the show will have to end in spite of some crazy fans wanting to have more of it. I hope to come back soon with something else that the fans will find interesting enough to watch and which will interest me as an actor too. I would certainly not want to take up something in haste just to keep the work flowing. I want to be intelligent about the work I choose. I am sure that not only me as an actor but my fans as viewers too will enjoy the entire process.
With Love Ka Hai Intezaar shutting down abruptly, will you be more careful while taking up your next project?
I don’t think that being careful is a solution to anything. Who knew that Star Dopahar would be suddenly taken off! Not only this project but the entire slot is taken off. However careful an actor is, fate will have its own way of coming up with a surprise or something unexpected. It’s as good as signing up a movie and not knowing its fate. It’s purely an instinctive call which I think is highly overruled by destiny.
How has been Mohit as a co-star?
We have so much fun working together. Mohit is a gentleman and I feel that we both are quite alike as people. He is a very caring co-star to work with. We had an amazing time shooting with everyone here. We used to have our lunch together and it’s always been like big picnic on set. We have been a group of actors having no politics and ego among ourselves. Everybody is here to enjoy and to make each other comfortable. We really had an amazing time.
One thing you will miss the most about the show?
I think I will miss the lunch break because that was the only time when we actors used to spend time together and get to know each other otherwise we all have been busy shooting. I will miss shooting in Film City because it’s a dream destination for every actor to work and I am glad that I could work where my sister (Amrita Rao) too had shot for many movies including Vivah and Main Hoon Na. We had an excellent camera team and an amazing crew to work with.
How do you think your last day of shoot going to be?
Oh my God! I can’t even imagine how my last day of shoot going to be! I just hope that we all actors will be shooting together and I am hoping that we will have an after party. This show is going to be really special for me in my heart always. It’s one of the most precious works that I have done as an actor.
Would you prefer taking a short break or ready to be back already?
I am ready to be back already! I was getting a lot of offers just before I took up the show. I had to let go off a web series and a movie offer just before I took up the show. Let’s see what’s next in store for me. Who knows I might come up with another surprise!

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