I hope viewers will enjoy watching romantic wedding in a jungle: Sriti Jha

Indian television’s top-rated show ‘KumKum Bhagya’ that has ruled viewership charts with its engaging plot and the chemistry of its leads Abhi and Pragya for over 3 years now, is all set to surprise viewers with the most anticipated turning point in the lives of its lead couple. Having captured the story of a Mumbai-based, middle-class Punjabi girl Pragya (played by Sriti Jha) who gets married into a wealthy family to a famous rockstar Abhi (played by Shabbir Ahluwalia), the show has kept its viewers on tenterhooks to see their favorite lovebirds reunite after destiny did them apart.
Following the last big twist in the show where Abhi lost his memory and had no recollection of being married to Pragya, audiences felt strongly for the leading lady who had to put her feelings on hold and return to her mother’s home. With Alia-Tanu constantly conspiring to separate the lovers, audiences have been eagerly waiting to see their schemes fail and Abhi-Pragya back together again. So all you ardent fans of Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya, it is now time to rejoice as the show is all geared up for its biggest high-point where Abhi and Pragya will confess their love for each other and get married on 23rd June 2017.
Speaking about the upcoming track, lead actors Sriti Jha and Shabbir Ahluwalia say, “It’s a very major twist in the story that we’re headed into. Finally, the D-Day has arrived in Abhi-Pragya’s life when they will confess their love for each other and get married in a jungle. They have some goons in hot pursuit chasing to kill them. Hope viewers will enjoy this romantic wedding in a jungle setting and we are sure that they’ve not seen anything like this on Indian television!”
In the current track, Abhi and Pragya have managed to run from the jungle, leaving the goons behind and on their way, they meet an old man named Raghuveer. Raghuveer takes both of them to his house but unfortunately the goons too reach this place where Abhi and Pragya have sought refuge. Has destiny played its own game in bringing Pragya to Raghuveer’s house? How will Abhi and Pragya save themselves from the goons and tie the knot?

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