I am glad to know about a part of Indian Mythology from this show: Ulka Gupta

Tellyworld’s young and talented actress Ulka Gupta’s acting prowess has won her many accolades in her short career span. She is one actress who is known to go out of her way for any role that she has to play. Currently, seen playing the lead in the mythological drama c’ (BIG Magic), Ulka finds this a very enriching experience.

A source confirms, on the sets, “Ulka can be seen going through the minute details behind the mythology attached to the Shaktipeeths. She is a very curious person and loves to know, understand and learn new things.” The show since its launch about six months ago has garnered positive response from the viewers.

The concept of taking the viewers through the 52 Shaktipeeths has been well appreciated by everyone as it’s something different that they are getting to know about Indian Mythology. Speaking on the similar lines, actress Ulka Gupta said, “I enjoy coming to the sets of ‘Shaktipeeth Ke Bhairaav’. Every day I get to learn something new about our Indian Mythology. Since the time I have come on-board, I have come across so many interesting facts that I would have otherwise missed. I look forward to playing more such enriching roles.”

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