Hina feeds Shilpa raw chilli powder and put bugs in her clothes

After the Celebrities facing a tide of evictions, it’s now the three Commoners Puneesh, Bandagi and Luv to face evictions this coming weekend. Testing the limits of gharwale this season, Bigg Boss has put forth a task that will affect not only the luxury budget but also the captaincy this week.
Inspired from famous children’s story ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ the contestants are divided in two groups – Giants (Dawan) and Dwarfs (Lilliput). With the lawn area converted into a land of Lilliput, the dwarfs can capture and hold 1 giant in their custody and by all means possible torture them to tap out of the task. On their knees for the duration of the task, team dwarfs try their best to find new ways to torment the giants, who are tied down on a bench by ropes. Vikas and Priyank are the two ‘Sanchalak’ supervising the task.
The Lilliputs Hina, Arshi, Luv and Akash show no mercy to the Giants and rub chili powder all over Giant Bandagi’ face and body. It doesn’t end there as they threaten to cut off all her hair and shave off her eyebrows. Using Chili Powder as her secret weapon, she continues to put the giants in agony by all means possible. Unfortunately for Bandagi, the Chili powder gets into her eyes and she begs for mercy till Vikas intervenes.
Next giant is Shilpa who is fed raw chili powder by Hina and has her face covered in lipstick by Arshi. Hina shows off her competitive side as she starts killing bugs and insects around her and puts them inside Shilpa’s clothes. Puneesh is given a similar treatment with wax strips, chili powder and trimmers! Last on the block, Hiten puts his courageous foot forward and gets onto the bench. Out of respect for Hiten, Hina, Arshi and Luv decide to not participate wholeheartedly in the task, but Akash is persistent and does not rest till Hiten’s legs are completely waxed off and his face covered in make-up.

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