Here’s why fans feel Friday is lucky for #Mishbir!

Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is currently one of the most popular television shows. The family drama, which stars Shaheer Sheikh as Abir and Rhea Sharma as Mishti, has been topping the TRP charts. The show is being loved by the audience for its intriguing storyline and the chemistry between Abir and Mishti. Within a short span of time, the two managed to carve a space for themselves as Mishbir.

While Shaheer and Rhea are busy winning everyone’s hearts as Mishbir, their fans are keeping an eye on their each and every step. Hence here is one of the greatest observation which fans have noticed where they feel that Friday is Mishbir Day. Why? you ask, Well, the first time when Abir realised that he is in love with Mishti was on 17th May which was a Friday. Mishti realised that she is in love on 12th July which was a Friday too and finally Mishbir’s confession is about to happen on 23rd August which is again a Friday. Therefore it is officially proved that Friday = Mishbir Day!

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