Ganpati Special on Kumkum Bhagya: Popular TV actors to perform


  1. tabo says:

    OoPS i think Network problem ha

  2. Preet says:

    Bless he had to get married sooner or later

  3. noor says:

    Your turn Preet

  4. ibthasam says:


  5. ibthasam says:

    See you soon 😀
    Good night and sleep well 😀

    Missing all of u a lot 🙁

    Stay positive and thin

  6. Vini says:

    Apaàa are u mad..why your talking like this

  7. pav says:

    Creating stopid story end this bakwass and boring show.I think director has got memory loss forgot e

  8. Amaica... says:

    Kris… How are you my sister…

  9. Preet says:

    @Choti bloody dumb ! Why does everyone has shit to say to us ??

  10. Noor says:

    Nahh man she definitely puts it on