Doing comedy is pretty hard, says Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain actress

MUMBAI: Actress Shubhangi Atre who plays the role of Angoori Bhabi in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, won Best Comedy Actor at a popular award function. She says doing comedy is pretty hard.

‘It’s pretty hard to be good in doing comic roles. The first decision as an actor is you have to make sure is what kind of comic do you want to be… because for an actor, it’s not easy telling jokes any more to make your audience laugh. When you start out, you will go up in front of audiences via screen who did not come to see you and don’t know you. It should be your talent that they will have to watch. You have to project and give a “this is who I am” vibe to the audience and do it very quickly. It has to be honest and carry some magnetic energy. So they watch you and don’t change the channel in the world of competition. It’s not easy to become overnight sensations doing it. Comedy is not like music. Fans come to concerts to hear the “hits”. Comedy audiences want to be surprised. And the Best Comedian Award gives me a major pay cheque that I can do it. And I’m happy and thankful about it.’

Shubhangi carried herself sensationally through the award night.

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