Dipika Kakar breaks down in the Bigg Boss house

MUMBAI: Dipika Kakar will be seen having a break down in the show during the captaincy task.

Surbhi questions Dipika about the bag containing money, and she tells them that she doesn’t know anything about the money. Surbhi tells her not to get upset about small things.

Surbhi and Deepak comment and irritate Dipika so much during the task that she gets frustrated, gives up the task, and leaves the bus. Dipika is seen sharing her feelings with Megha on how Deepak and Surbhi have been treating her.

She tells Megha that she has always been accused of using her celebrity status and says that she hasn’t done so. She also tells Bigg Boss that she hasn’t come on the show to face so much humiliation.

It will be interesting to see how Dipika will play the game further. Will Sreesanth support her?

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