Dhhai Kilo Prem in for a major twist, change of heart for Piyush!

Sandiip Sikcand’s Dhhai Kilo Prem is in for a major twist. The audiences were left heartbroken after Deepika’s exit from her marital home. The makers of the hit show now have an interesting storyline that revolves around Piyush realizing his love for Deepika.
The family Deepika was blamed for Meghna’s runaway wedding and conveniently blamed Deepika leading her to leave the house. What set out as a non -conventional love story spearheaded by television’s creative genius Sandiip Sikcand transformed into a serious family drama series followed by a traditional wedding. The show will now finally feature a love story shaping up between Piyush & Deepika.
A source close to the show shares, “In a span of few months, the viewers have taken to liking Deepika and Piyush as an ideal couple. All this while, it was a lopsided love story. In the coming episodes, Piyush will gradually realise, he loves Deepika and will also fake a heart attack to get her back in the house. It will be quite interesting to see the relationship evolve.”
We can’t wait for this track to be telecast onscreen.
For more such updates keep a tab on this show.

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