Dharma’s truth to unfold during Janmashtami celebration in Ashoka


  1. Mythi says:

    3900likes 🙂 still need 100likes for 4000 🙂

  2. DeStijl says:

    Well done. 😉

  3. varsha-v-t-s says:

    aasman ke pare☆☆. Ek jahaan hai kahin.XD 😀


  4. varsha-v-t-s says:

    Bap re baaap 😉
    Itna bada paaap 😛
    I am a ‘decent” Angel 😛

  5. rony says:


  6. tabo says:

    I m fine shine g

  7. Ks says:

    Rishi become vamp before dadi

  8. cute pari says:

    mahe mehar maa frm pak 14 yearz

  9. Preet says:

    @Noor yeah i like strawbs too !!

  10. cute pari says:

    hello hru

  11. cute pari says:

    good as well and i,m mahe frm pak
    ohh gotta go cu bye

  12. aqsa says:

    ufffffffffffffffffff i m extremely happy

  13. Esha says:

    Well Done Naira and Naksh. Both of you rock. I really like your confidence. And don’t understand one

  14. Preet says:

    Hate it when people call me ‘babe’ or ‘bae’

  15. malika-e-zain says:

    this is d flashback not present