Congrats: Karishma Tanna is the Insta Queen of the week


  1. Pooja says:

    I think kp has coloured his hair.

  2. varsha-v-t-s says:

    We r awesome..n v know it 😉

  3. varsha-v-t-s says:

    Darlingg….don’t b afraid 😥

  4. varsha-v-t-s says:

    N will love you 4 a thousand….more 😀

  5. Ks says:

    S next track is wedding sequence of both

  6. tabo says:

    So let,s start

  7. preeti says:

    Indeed miss you jodha and akbar we’ll always remember this series

  8. cute pari says:


  9. ibthasam says:


  10. drishti says:

    shubh raatri…. 😛

  11. amrita says:

    happiness comes sadness

  12. maariyah says:

    y wont u rpl me ..???
    4rm 6 mnths I m mailing u

  13. Ayesha says:

    Plz plz …. now finish the game of aaliya and tanu

    Aliya exposed … can anyone tell me how muc

  14. Komal says:

    maddy and koyel looks good togather. raj is not koyel types.