Comedian Tanmay Bhat takes dig at Rahul Gandhi

Mumbai: Comedian Tanmay Bhat has taken a dig at Congress President Rahul Gandhi, saying if he gets access to the politician’s Twitter account, he would delete it.

On the “Inside Access” chat show on Vh1, Tanmay was asked what if he gets inside access to Gandhi’s Twitter handle, read a statement from the channel.

Tanmay replied: “I would delete it. I would delete it immediately!”

The comedian went on to add that: “I would be honest with everybody going, ‘I don’t actually want to be a politician, but I have to be’!”

Gandhi wasn’t the only politician’s name that Tanmay mentioned in his chat.

Asked who are the five people he would want in his inner circle, he said: Modiji, Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley. If I have them, who are the most powerful people in the world right now, I don’t need anyone else.”

The show will air on Sunday.

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