CINTAA conducts a workshop for actors to survive the dark side of the industry

Mumbai: Cine And TV Artistes Association has taken the onus of working towards the betterment of the actors from the television industry. We all are aware about the dark side of this tantalizing glamour industry. The ‘Pranav Misshra and Jyoti Sharma vs. The producers’ case has given the notion to the members of CINTAA to start an initiative. The association is striving hard to help the actors fight depression and the dark side of the industry.

The workshop was held for three days. Yoga was also a part of the conduction. businessvoip got in touch with Nupur Alankar, a prominent actress from the TV industry and a member of the association, to know more details about the initiative.

The actress explained, “In the TV industry, the stress level is really high. There are people who work in night shifts which is really harmful as it takes a heavy toll on their physical and mental health.”

She further added, “Actors have to work for 18-20 hours a day including traveling. Several actors are sleepless. So it is very important to take care of their physical and mental health. In fact, there have been times when I have been to the sets and council people.”

Talking about the workshop, she shared, “Psychologists and psychiatrists were present there. People don’t even know the difference between the two. So it was an introductory workshop. Gracefully by the end of the third day, the attendees came in thrice the number of attendees that visited the first day. We’ve got positive response from all around. “

On future initiatives, she said, “We are going to organize a session every week with a doctor who will guide the actors to deal with rejection, how to face it and how to deal with non-work.”

The workshop was attended by popular names from the industry. That’s a noble initiative taken by CINTAA to safeguard the actors from depression and other mental hazards.

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