Bigg Boss 11: Are Vikas and Priyank boyfriends?

These days it is not so uncommon to hear two guys dating each other. Even, in the industry, the grapevines are always rife with some or the other celebrity being in a same sex relationship.
The season 11 of the Colors’ controversial show Bigg Boss is already creating ripples. It has not even been seven days and the sparks in the show are flying left, right and centre. Ex-notorious contestant Kamal Rashid Khan hasn’t kept his mouth shut since its inception. Time and again KRK has received flak for his tweets which are more often than not hysterical. Having said that, at times they really make a lot of sense as well. and now, our man has tweeted somethig really controversial about Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma.

We all know that Vikas and Priyank have been close friends outside the show. Now KRK’s new tweet puts a new light on their friendship. In fact Priyank is also doing a web-series with Vikas’s Lost Boy Productions.
Priyank is currently seen in the company of his Splitsvilla co-contestant Divya Agarwal. It is being touted that the both are in a relationship and it’ll be interesting to see how Agarwal reacts to the whole controversy.
KRK’s tweets have always stirred up a lot of controversy but come to think of it, all of it is not trash.
Now, only the time will tell whether the two of them are actually in a closeted relationship and whether the Priyank and Divya affair is just sham and an excuse to waive off curious eyebrows or whether KRK’s tweets are absolutely baseless.

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