Balance is everything in a relationship: Anusha Dandekar

GOA: Popular VJ-actress Anusha Dandekar, who has been dating actor Karan Kundra for over three years, says compromise, balance and to be real are essential for a successful relationship.

Anusha and Karan are currently seen on MTV’s youth based reality show Love School.

Asked what’s the key to a successful relationship, Anusha told IANS here, “Let the pictures on Instagram be as real as your life because we have realised that a lot of people try to even emulate what we are having on Instagram but not in real life.”

“I say it is lovely to have the hashtag couple goals and relationship goals but if it is not happening in real life then that is scary,” she added.

She said she and Karan are still feeling the love and whatever they do, it shows naturally.

“I think the key to a successful relationship is first, being real and secondly, it’s compromise, balance, space, time and prioritising. When you are at work, give each other space. When you are together, give each other time… You also need to balance,” said Anusha.

“I’ve been in relationships and I have come to a point where I have realised that balance is everything,” she added.

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