Anjali to slap Simar; family to disown her in Sasural Simar Ka

Colors’ popular daily Sasural Simar Ka (Rashmi Sharma Telefilms) is leaving no stones unturned to entertain the viewers with gripping twists.
The show is currently airing a series of MahaEpisodes in which the viewers are witnessing high voltage drama.
Recently, the viewers have witnessed an interesting twist amidst a havan drama and now we hear that there’s a lot more to unfold in the upcoming episodes.
Our source informs us, “Sameer (Rohan Mehra) will play a game during the Havan where he will hide Sanjana’s Mangalsutra (Krissann Barretto) in the place where Anjali (Vaishali Takkar) keeps her belongings. and after that he will instigate Sanjana to lodge an FIR about her missing mangalsutra. The Police will then come to arrest Anjali and there will be a lot of drama in the track.”
“Sameer, who will be happy seeing Simar (Keerti Kelkar) worried, will plot another game with Arav (Khushwant Walia) and Piyush (Varun Sharma). He will create a scene where it will seem as though Arav and Piyush are trying to kill him. Anjali will fall in Sameer’s trap and she will take him to be truthful. Simar, who is aware of Sameer’s evil intentions, will try to convince Anjali but in return she will get slapped by her.”
We hear that, miffed with this act of Anjali the family will disown her and perform her last rites.
Shocking!!! Isn’t it?
We tried reaching out to the actor but they remained busy shooting.

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