Adhoori dhun, an original song from girliyapa’s girls hostel will take you down the nostalgic lane

MUMBAI: For the urban millennial, our social media friend list grows faster than our bank balance. However, in the long list of friends and followers, there would be few ‘close friends’ who fit the bill of ‘family’. They are the ones who are privy to those embarrassing stories, those guilty pleasures, that favorite song that is always on repeat. Hostels can be a whirlwind, chaotic journey but such friendships ground, anchor and sustain you, come hell or high water.

Created on those similar nostalgic trips, Girliyapa’s webseries, Girls Hostel, from the house of TVF, wonderfully reflected the highs and lows of four girls with different mindsets, adapting to hostel life together. Set in the backdrop of a dental college’s women’s hostel, the series follows these girls forging long-lasting friendships.

Celebrating the glory and goofiness of long-lasting friendships, this Friendship Day, Girliyapa’s Girls Hostel is out with a brand new original song, Adhoori Dhun. Adhoori Dhun is a soul-stirring tribute to such friendships with lyrics that tug at your heartstrings, and a video to match. This song is the icing that tops off this delight of a web-series and is a must-watch.

The video features Ahsaas Channa, Parul Gulati, Srishti Shrivastava and Simran Natekar, who enthralled the digital audience with their wonderfully-portrayed characters of Richa, Zahira, Jo and Mili in Girls Hostel. Commenting on the latest song, her experience with her co-stars and, on what Girls Hostel means to her, Parul said, “Girls Hostel is really close to my heart. I believe every girl who has ever lived in a hostel will connect with it and relive their hostel life with us. It was also an absolute delight to have shared the screen with Ahsaas, Srishti, and Simran. The song, Adhoori Dhun, is our very own labour of love and an ode to friendships the world over. I hope our audience relishes and connects with it as much as we do.”

Penned, produced and sung by Vaibhav Bundhoo and featuring classical singer, Nirali Kartik, Adhoori Dhun captures the bittersweet, nostalgic charm of friendships, and will surely make you teary-eyed as you try to relive those carefree days of love and laughter.

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