Zakir Hussain to play positive role in ‘Amma’

Actor Zakir Hussain will be seen as an honest and strict police commissioner named K.M. Dayal…

Actor Zakir Hussain, who is best known for playing negative roles in films, will be seen as an honest and strict police commissioner named K.M. Dayal, in the TV show “Ek Maa Jo Laakhon Ke Liye Bani Amma”.
“The unusual storyline and my character were the prime reasons I opted for this show as it is very different from the kind of shows one generally sees on television,” Zakir said in a statement.

“Apart from the fabulous script, we have a stellar ensemble cast and technicians with a strong body of work in films and television. I keep on getting a lot of offers for television, but I did not want to opt for something run-of-the-mill because as an actor, what matters to me is the graph of my character and the impact it has on the viewers,” he added.

The finite series, which is aired on Zee TV, captures the journey of Zeenat, a mother of two, deserted by her husband and her rise to a position of power. It also features actors Urvashi Sharma and Aman Verma.
Zakir says he agreed to the role instantly.

“The show is set in an era, which, as an actor I haven’t explored before. My role of K.M. Dayal is a smart thinker and a tactical person, who, with the deft use of his mind, tries to control the dynamics of the underworld,” he added.

Talking about the daily soaps, Zakir said: “I am open to working in any medium as long as the character is challenging and I am able to devote enough time to do justice to the role.”

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