Vidha’s truth to be revealed in front of Viplav on Ishq Ka Rang Safed!

An interesting twist in tale in store for the viewers of Colors’ popular show Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Colors’ popular show Ishq Ka Rang Safed which is going through a lot of twist and turns is now heading towards a new twist in tale which is set to reveal a hidden truth.

According to the ongoing tracks of the show, the viewers have witnessed that shattered with Dhaani’s (Sanjeeda Shaikh) hurtful words, Viplav (Mishal Raheja) is driving his car and later on his car meets with an accident. Now Viplav will come to know about a big truth.

Our source informs us, “After the accident, Viplav will be rushed to the hospital and Parshiya informs Dhaani about Viplav’s accident. Dhaani visits the hospital and eventually Viplav learns that Vidha is his daughter. Further, Viplav will express his will before Dhaani that Vidha being his daughter should stay with him.”

What will be Dhaani’s decision now? Well, only time will tell!
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