Thapki…Pyaar Ki: Vaani and Dhruv on an ‘EXPOSE MISSION’; Shraddha plans a ‘MURDER’!

Will Vaani and Dhruv succeed in exposing Kosi this time?

All the protagonists have geared up to prove that the vamp Kosi, is married to chachaji in Thapki…Pyaar Ki on Colors. But alas! All their attempts are seeing nothing but failure.

The upcoming episode of the show will see another plan devised by Vaani and Dhruv, where the two will take the entire family to a temple where Kosi got married!

On the other hand, Shraddha will attempt to murder Aditi by locking her inside a huge fridge!

A source informs, “Shraddha will soon come to know that her husband is in love with Aditi. She will, therefore, attempt the murder in order to save her marriage. However, Vaani will soon rush to her aid and will save Aditi in the nick of time. As for Kosi’s truth coming out, let’s wait and see if Vaani and Dhruv succeed in exposing the truth this time!”

Stay tuned for more updates!

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