Thapki…Pyaar Ki: Bihaan ‘POISONED’; John to discover the truth about Kosi and Naman!

How will Thapki save her love?

Thapki is shocked to know about Kosi and Naman’s evil plan to get Bihaan’s kidney transplanted to John. Kosi too has started realizing that Thapki is becoming a threat for her in Colors’ Thapki…Pyaar Ki.

Now Kosi has made an evil plan to trap Thapki, by informing her that Bihaan has been kidnapped and he will be released on the condition of handing over a memory card containing evidence of her crime.

In the upcoming episodes, Naman will show Thapki a video, where Bihaan is held captive and tortured. To save her love, Thapki will hand over the memory card but unfortunately, she will be cheated and Bihaan will be continued to get tortured. On the other hand, John will end up learning a series of shocking facts such as Kosi and Naman being his parents and them planning to murder Bihaan so that they can have his kidney transplanted to him.

A source informs, “John will confront Kosi and Naman for cheating him and hiding facts. Kosi will get revengeful and in a fit of rage, she will inject poison to Bihaan!”

How will Thapki save Bihaan?

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