Tanuja is baffled by Rishi’s accusations on Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki!

Rishi announces his marriage with Malika and the drama begins again!

The upcoming episodes of Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki will show some high voltage drama and treat the audience with beautiful scenes revolving around Rishi and Tanu. The fact that we all know is that Tanuja got Tanu’s face after her surgery and it was purely accidental. It wasn’t Tanuja’s fault and Rishi isn’t aware of this. He, therefore, blames Tanuja for doing it intentionally.

Tanuja will be shattered after hearing Rishi’s accusations and decides to go away from him. But since the show is a game of fates, destiny brings them closer to each other. This will in no way affect Rishi’s hatred towards Tanuja. Rishi thus decides to get rid of Tanuja once and for all. He has now made up his mind and has decided to get married to Malika! Tanuja doesn’t like the sound of this and breaks down.

We have earlier written about how Malika is in a dilemma. She feels that Rishi and Tanuja belong together but she is also kind of selfish and wants rishi for herself. We bet she is going to act as an important part of the twists that come on the show in the upcoming episodes!

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