Shivaay plans to get up close and personal with Anika.

Now that Shivaay has finally realized his love for Anika, he plans to get up close and personal with her! Check out what he plans to do next!

Shivaay has been through a lot in the past few weeks, especially with regards to his wedding drama with Tia and his feelings for Anika. Shivaay now feels restless without Anika beside him. In the upcoming episodes of Ishqbaaaz, Shivaay and Anika’s love story is to go to the next level and fans are in for a treat.

As per the current track, Shivaay and Anika team up to save Shakti and Tej from false allegations. During this time, Shivaay is enjoying her company. Her cute little habits and her way of life amuse Shivaay. Anika also feels that Shivaay’s heart has changed but she decides not to approach him because of the rude behaviour Shivaay has shown to her in the past.

Shivaay has fallen for Anika and now wants her by his side. But after proving Shakti and Tej’s innocence, Anika has left the Oberoi mansion and Shivaay isn’t liking it a bit. He wants to be around her as he loves her company.

Shivaay will then think of a plan to keep Anika close to him as much as possible! We are wondering about what’s cooking in Shivaay’s mind! Keep reading this space for more updates on Ishqbaaaz!

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