What?! Rajni Kills Shaan on Bahu Hamari Rajni_kant!

Is this the end of Karan V Grover on the show? Watch it first on India-forums!

Rajni and Shaan have come a log way now. In a matter of few months, the robot-human couple has created some really good chemistry and the audience loves to watch them together. Karan V Grover and Ridhima Pandit have both set an image in the eyes of the audience and are sort of irreplaceable.

However, as Karan is soon supposed to leave the show, a lot of speculations are being made as to who will be the new Shaan on the show.

The upcoming episodes of Bahu Hamari Rajnikant will unfold some high voltage drama! It will so happen that after a heated argument, Rajni will loose her cool and kill Shaan!

Yes! You heard that right! The robot will be killing her creator. We know it sounds like a scene out of Terminator! Rajni will kill Shaan by throwing him off a cliff.

Now here we can say, “Itehaas Gawah Hai” because just like in every other show, whenever an actor has to be replaced, he or she is either thrown off a cliff or goes through a major accident, only to return after a ‘Plastic Surgery.’ Although it is not confirmed yet, this might mark Karan V Grover’s exit from the show Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant!

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