Check out: Who suggested a name for Akshay Dogra’s little one?

His cute little son got a lovely name.

Telly Town’s good looking and popular actor Akshay Dogra, who is currently winning the audience’s heart with his powerful role on &TV’s show Waaris is now a proud dad of a cute little boy.

The actor’s little bundle of joy has now got a lovely name! He has been named as Ivaan.
When we contacted Akshay to know more about the story behind his baby’s name, he told us, “We must have gone through a hundred names before we settled on Ivaan. He went three days without a name. Raqesh (Raqesh Vashisth Bapat) ended up suggesting a bunch of names and Ivaan was one of them. We looked at our little boy and thought that the name just suits him.”

“Ivaan means a gift from God. It’s sort of an Indian version of the Russian name Ivan which has been a very important name in Russian Christian Orthodoxy.”
Lovely name… Isn’t it?

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