“Our cast is a happy family, no CONTROVERSY can change that” says Ridhima Pandit

The actress shuts down all the rumours..

It’s been a time of controversies for Life Ok’s popular show, Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant’ where recently, actress Shiny Doshi clarified her stand about being unhappy and quitting the show. Checkout the story-

The latest to become the victim of gossips was the lead of the show, actress Ridhima Pandit aka the lovable Rajni.
Recently, there were rumours about the actress apparently throwing tantrums on set, getting late and irking the actors and taking prolonged time for costume changes.

In a candid chat with Ridhima, the actress CLARIFIED things once and for all-
“First of all, I don’t know where these rumours come from. I guess, when you are the lead of a show, it is a given that such stories’ come with it. Even if I sneeze, there can be a misleading story set up for it. But, as much as I do not like to address such things, I think it’s important for everyone to understand the reality.”

She added, “We live in the city of Mumbai, where one cannot help the situation of getting late, sometimes. Courtesy the rains and traffic of the city, one can get late to their work and it happened with me too. And it’s not that I create a tantrum or fuss after being late; I am apologetic about it and pre-inform the makers about it. Several actors face it every day, what is the big deal about it?”

About her co-actors being irked with her, she said, “My co-actors and my producers love me and I love them. The whole cast keeps posting pictures of all our madness and fun together on social media. And trust me, that is as real as it appears. In fact, post these rumours, today, I reached my set and if anybody was actually irked with me, things would have been different, right? On the contrary, we are enjoying the rains today and having a blast.”
Checkout the video posted by Vahbiz Dorabjee Dsena confirming the same-

“Last night, it was our lovable producer, Sonali Jaffer’s birthday and we had the most amazing time. I am sure all this will silence the doubt makers.”

And finally, on the claim of taking long hours to dress up, she said, “The people who watch the show have already witnessed the innumerable get-ups I have donned. I have to go through 3-4 dress changes in a day, which takes time. And it’s not like I take the time for my personal leisure. The production has alloted a specific time themselves and I adhere to it. There hasn’t been a day or any moment where the makers have complained about me getting late or taking prolonged hours. I am more than sure that neither do the producers nor do my co-actors have a problem with it. They are the most understanding lot ever.”

And in one final message for everyone, she mentions, “I have the utmost support and love of all my co-actors, the producers, and the makers. We are a happy family and no controversy can change that fact. I love them and they love me. I will try to keep entertaining my fans as I have so far and hopefully the fans keep loving me.”
The stand and the message are surely loud and clear for all the controversy makers out there Ridhima. We are sure the fans will now be relieved about it.

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