#BB10: Gaurav has ‘HOTS’ for Monalisa?!

Gaurav cannot get his eyes off Monalisa…say housemates…

A few weeks back, viewers saw Manu jealous about Mona getting close to Gaurav and Mona giving him a clarification in turn.

While discussing the lock down task, celebrities start discussing the popularity of Gaurav between the ladies of the house. Teasing starts with Gaurav getting special attention from Lopa and Nitibha, who were standing in the kitchen, and moves towards discussing his equation with Monalisa.

Bani and the fellow contestants also mention that they all saw Gaurav looking at Mona in the morning while she was dancing on the wake-up song. Later, Bani also mentions that last night while she was awake, she saw him looking around for Mona. To which Rahul, jokingly asked for a clarification on why did he go to two different places looking around for her?

Being the sport that he is, Gaurav laughs away the entire thing!

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